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Panasonic TZ10 Review

Imaging Resources has a review on the TZ10 (known as theZS7 in the US). With or without the GPS, the Panasonic ZS7 merits a Dave's Pick. Its higher resolution LCD is beautiful and lets you confirm focus more easily, and its 12x zoom gets you in as close as

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Cube Jobo Card Reader

JOBO announces the Cube CF (68-in-1) and the Cube HUB (57-in-1) Multi-card Reader/Writer. Both the CF and the HUB model are available in black or white and feature an internal space capable of safely storing several media cards. Each Cube unit is compatible with all Memory Stick,

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Canon G11 Quick Review

What is it: This 10-megapixel camera is Canon's top compact. The fast 28-140mm lens is image-stabilised. The optical viewfinder is large, bright and has dioptre adjustment. The seven-centimetre (diagonal) LCD swivels. There is a built-in flash and an external hot shoe. Image formats are JPEG and RAW. Construction is excellent

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