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Rumour: New Nikon Lens Coming? Updated.

Update: 25 Jul 2011 – Ok, there was a new lens, but it wasn’t the longer focal length type I was expecting. It was a nice little short 40mm f2.8 DX macro. This lens will be coming home with me when it hits the shelves.

The other lens did come out, against EVERY single other so-called rumor site “in-the-know”. 

There’s been a a few whispers around that Nikon could be just about ready to announce a new lens.

The word on the down low is it will be in the longer focal length prime range and is not something that has received a lot of attention of late. There is some strong suggestions to indicate it could be in a 135mm f1.8 or the much longer end of 400mm f5.6, both with VR. Either of these would be quite welcome in the Nikon community though I expect not in the forums.

Don’t expect it to hit the streets immediately after the announcement though.

The other indication I received was that there is some work on things like the  AF-S50mm f1.8.  This is a long long overdue lens, but we may not see this till November (or later).  The problem with some of these estimates is that the Earthquake in Japan has thrown plenty of of schedules out of whack.

We are keeping an eye on these developments, so expect there may be some further information coming soon. Keep in mind though, these are ALL just rumours.


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