Tuesday, March 31, 2020
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Nikon Factories in Japan Close

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Following the earthquake and tsunami disaster Nikon has shut down its facilities in Northern Japan.

In a statement released today Nikon have said several of their plants have suffered damage and they are suspending operations. The company doesn’t know at this stage when operations will resume and they are continuing to ‘evaluate further details of the damage’.

The statement also confirmed that some of their group employees were injured and that they are continuing to ‘gather safety information of our personnel and its family members.’

The statement says the company is currently: “evaluating how the immediate damage by the disaster and controlled interruption of electricity started from March 14 will result in our group companies and business performances.”

Nikon have set up Emergency Disaster Control Headquarters and are ‘taking the necessary steps.’

“We are currenhttp://www.creativemayhem.com.au/wordpress/wp-admin/post-new.phptly endeavouring to normalise our business as early as possible through our BCM (Business Continuity Management) teams established in each in-house company,” said Nikon.

“The Nikon Group would like to express its profound sympathy and condolences to the victims of earthquake in Major Earthquake in Northern Japan (Japan’s Tohoku region) on March 11.”

In response to the tragedy Nikon have donated 100 million yen to the Japanese Red Cross Society.


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