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A Review and Rating of Camera Suppliers in Australia

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In a recent survey by CreativeMayhem of staff at some major camera retail outlets, Canon Australia has been voted best local supplier. The comprehensive survey asked questions about specific products by each manufacturer, innovation, quality, plus pricing against competing products and overseas markets, reliability, product support, repairs, advertising, and sales incentives and trust.

The major points to come from the survey follow:

It appears that Canon has been working hard to help the retailers combat the lost sales to grey market and online sellers experienced by the retail camera stores. Canon has recently dropped some prices on some products, but some interviewee’s said they felt the strategy occurred to late to save many sales.

Interestingly though, the promotions such as the giveaways that are run by Canon actually rated below 10% when asked how effective they were selling to customers.

Of the other brands, Pentax came in surprisingly high. Though not a big sales partner, Pentax rated high on the reliability, product support and value-for-money fronts. However, the marketing and customer knowledge is low.

On the otherside, Nikon rated lower than expected. The greatest reasons for this mainly included the non-competitive Australian pricing. Nikon support though was rated highly.

Ricoh products too were rated highly amongst innovation and quality, but the support languished with much improvement needed. The GXR camera system was highly rated, but pricing competitiveness amongst other brands was very low.

Sony was a mixed bag. The new compacts still cameras, bloggie’s and video cameras rated highly, but the SLR’s were nearing the zero mark. Overseas competitiveness was rated a bit below average.

Olympus rated extremely poorly in the compact range, but the Pen series was a standout. The XZ-1 camera has been highly anticipated an should continue the recent good form. The repairs and trust factors were a bit more mixed, with a wide range of reply’s.

Other brands that were discussed included Leica and Fuji. Leica rated well in all aspects expect in support. Some recent incidents with customer cameras have apparently left a sour taste with some retailers.

A full release of the survey can be provided by contacting CreativeMayhem.

New cameras are expected to be announced from a few of the major manufactures over the next 3-6 weeks. Let’s see who improves or declines in the next survey or whether it will be business-as-usual.


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