Monday, January 20, 2020
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Nikon D400 rumors start.

Creative mayhem has recently received some news to start looking out for the D400 (or some such beast).

It would seem odd to release a new camera so soon after the D300s but it would appear that that is just what may happen. When we say soon, we mean April.

Apparently, sales of the D300s have slowed dramatically.Internal “polling” shows sSales in this market segment seems to have shifted to the D7000 and the Canon 7D.

The news about the D400 is that it will NOT be a glossed over D300s with some D7000 features. The biggest news to come from this bit of information is that Nikon has been testing a totally new sensor that may find it’s way into the D400. The sensor will have an ISO sensitivity starting at 25.  Yes, you’ve read it correctly, 25.

However, the most interesting news I have on this, is that to achieve this there will be two light receiving elements for each pixel. One small element P1 and one large element P2. Does this kind of sound familiar? It should, it’s a very similar to the approach one that Fuji uses in some of their sensors.

The dual light receiving elements per pixel is what Fuji used in their S5. This camera had a great dynamic range and Nikons approach is said to be slightly different. I’ll provide more details at a later stage on this.

You could also see  the ability to set the camera to a particular user. This way multiple users can have the camera setup for the way they shoot which is very useful where there is a pool of photographers using the cameras.

Add an in-built GPS and short range wi-fi, and Nikon would be on a real winner with the D400 (or other such D300s replacement).

As usual, with any rumor we’ll have to see what develops, but this would certainly be a good reason for users to pickup a D400 over a D7000.

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