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Ultra Zoom Compact Review

The Review

We’ve been asked about which camera to buy many times so we figured it was time to finally do an ultra zoom camera comparison.  The ultra zoom compact camera  was made famous  by the Olympus C-770 UZ. Panasonic later came to fill int he gap that Olympus left with their version the TZ1 (which is where travel zoom camera from). Now we have many entrants into this market.

This type of camera is very versatile and really good for holidays or going out for the day.  That means that if you’ve got a DSLR for instance, you can leave that at home when you just want some nice snaps. The problem comes with which one to get.

The cameras that will be looked at in this group will be the

The Sony HX5 may change some of these results when reviewed next week or so. We just couldn’t wait to publish this report since we’ve been testing these cameras for some time now.

Yes, there are others including the Kodak, but these are of such poor quality that they didn’t even make the initial final list.

What makes  an ultra zoom compact camera is the fact it’s palm size and has a big lens. This is possible because the size of the imaging sensor. The sensor is tiny, approximately 6mm x 4.5mm. Compare this to a typical consumer Nikon or Canon DSLR camera and the sensor size is around the  24 x 18mm size. With such a small sensor in the compact camera, you can get a proportionately small lens.

This is not going to be really technical test that will confuse the issue, like many internet sites are doing. This is going to be a ‘consumer oriented’ look at the cameras.

Next – Fuji F70EXR

The conclusion can be viewed here.

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