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Ultra Zoom Compact Review: Canon SX210 IS

What is it

Canon make some of the best little compact cameras on the market. That simple sentence normally keeps the Canon cameras somewhere near the top of each category. Can the SX210 IS do the same? The Canon SX210 has the biggest zoom lens at 14x and a 14 megapixel sensor, it has a large 3.0 inch LCD

The camera does seem reasonably well built too however, it’s ergonomics leave a bit to be desired. The external flash is of the pop up variety and is right where you would hold the camera. Every person who has ever picked up this camera, has nearly dropped it because the flash pops up unexpectedly since the flash is raised automatically.You actually have to press it back down if you don’t want it.

The rocker switch on the thumb controls the zoom function. It’s tiny and uncomfortable.

The camera does have full manual control will is a welcome feature as is the ‘func’ . The problem is, that it’s right where you want to put your thumb. It simply is a poorly designed camera.

The SX210 is quick to start-up like most of today’s cameras, and the AF is actually pretty accurate. Continuous shooting mode though is pathetic.  You could never use this camera for any kind of kids sports for instance.

Image quality is low from this 14MP sensor. Couple that with the 14x zoom lens and this camera just disappoints.  Thankfully, the metering and white balance are Canon pedigree. The camera hates to shoot in high contrast situations though so I don;t even know wen to recommend it. The high ISO noise performance is bad, as you would expect from a 14Mp sensor. Every know and then, in very good, even contrast lighting, we got some decent images.

At first look, this camera appears to be a real competitor. It has the biggest zoom lens at 14x and a 14 megapixel sensor. Unfortunately, for Canon, they appear to be playing the ‘numbers game’ with this camera. Big numbers that appear impressive. Unfortunately, even the colours of the camera exterior are awful.  This camera is a failure in the Canon line-up. Hopefully, Canon realise this and change it’s specs in the SX220.

The Good

  • Fast startup
  • good white balance
  • good metering
  • decent image quality at base ISO in good light

The Bad

  • Ergonomics
  • Pop-up flash
  • Poor menus design and user interface
  • Image quality at any above base ISO
  • Dial mode placement
  • Zoom switch
  • 14x zoom lens not the highest quality
  • noise reduction due to the 14MP sensor
  • slow shot to shot time
  • slow writing to the card

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