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The Wrap – 3 July 2010

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The Wrap will find you some extra stories related to photography and we’ll hunt down and highlight some of the best deals of the week.

  • The Zenfolio professional photo hosting promotion is still running until the 18th July 2010.  Enter the Code ZEN-10 to recieve 10% off. This is a SUPER special offer so what are you waiting for.

Recommended BOOKS

  • Creative Black and White: Digital Photography Tips and Techniques It’s available at the moment for 50% off the normal price. Richly illustrated with the author’s own images, this beautiful guide presents the skills needed for great black-and-white photos while encouraging your confidence and creativity.
    • Goes beyond basics to teach photographers how to conquer the challenges posed by black-and-white photography
    • Appeals to professionals and serious amateurs who are interested in exploring creative black-and-white imagery
    • Presents photography fundamentals and shows how black and white requires some of the rules to be bent
    • Lavishly illustrated with Harold Davis’s outstanding monochromatic photo.

Photography RUMORS

  • Let’s start with Canon. I didn’t think Canon would make a G12, but there appears to be some life i the G11 still. So, here is the G11 update (G12) apparently scheduled for September like all the others. Back Illuminated Sensor and HD Video. Is anyone surprised?
  • The Cano S100. This should be the minor update to the very good S90. As above.
  • The Canon SX30 with a take the average performing 20x zoom lens they currently have on the SX20 to 24x zoom. Yippee. I hope they stay with the double AA batteries at least, but news is they are moving to lithium.
  • The D10 upgrade I spoke about previously is coming as well. 5x zoom to match the likes of Panasonic and Olympus. The D10 was never a good seller, so we’ll see what they’ll do here. I think it will be more of the same though.
  • Nikon apparently has 3 different models of an interchangeable lens camera in testing and evaluation. Not really surprising, but whether it’s true or not is another story. I’m hoping for a 1″ type sensor. This would be ideal, and leave the high image quality stuff to the SLR’s. I want portability damn it!!!!


  • Slrgear has reviewed the Carl Zeiss 35mm f/2 Distagon

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