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New Canon Easy Switching function

Canon 1DS IV with Easy Switching Function

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, 20th February 2010– Canon announces the latest feature in their top-of-the-line digital SLR cameras with the Easy Switchers function, engineered for professionals who demand top-of-the-line performance and can’t seem to get it in their Canon equipment.

Fast, Impressive Brand Switching
A newly developed Easy Switch mode allows users who want to transition to Nikon to do so smoothly. Once the switch is selected (via On/Off/Nikon switch), the camera will automatically list the camera on eBay along with any registered lenses and order a similar camera from Nikon. Emails will be sent to the family doctor giving permission to remove various kidneys, liver etc for the purchase of the Nikon lenses.

The “Easy Switch to Nikon” mode can not be accidentally activated. An engineer explains to process that must be completed before the mode is available to a user. “First, the camera must experience 6 out of 10 slightly out of focus photos. Once this has occurred, the camera will “listen” for several expletives.”

Canon has upgraded the Twin Error Handling processors(codenamed FTHIS) to accommodate these new expletives.Custom setting C.Fn IV: Operation / Others / Switching, has a number of user adjustable parameters including Swearing Interval, Single Swear Mode, Continuous Swearing, and Loud/Quiet/Muttering mode.

“We’ve given the cameras to photographers out in the field to ensure we capture a variety of commonly used expletives.” Swear words and phrases commonly used include “BAST@#$”, “What the F$#@”, and “Oh, for F$#@ sake”, “Piece of s$@#” and “I’m gonna throw you off a F$#@ BRIDGE”.

“Canon is dedicated to providing all users with this function, so the Twin Error Handling processors will now understanding swearing in 44 different languages.

Rob Galbraith has been given a pre-production camera for testing and his initial findings show the camera can’t handle multiple and frequent swearing in “Continuous Swearing Mode”.

“The camera shutdown and refused to take any photo’s at all”, Rob said. “For a moment, I actually thought I heard it crying.”

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