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Canon Announces IXUS 120 and 105 cameras

The IXUS 130 also features a Smart Shutter with Smile, Wink Self-Timer. Both cameras have 28mm wide-angle 4x zoom lenses and an integrated YouTube upload function.

Press Release:

Canon today unveils the latest models in its IXUS range – the new IXUS 130 and IXUS 105. Sleek, smooth and sophisticated, both new models merge stand-out looks with advanced technology, delivering the iconic blend of style and imaging excellence the IXUS brand is famous for. The IXUS 130 is also the slimmest IXUS model to date, measuring just 17.8mm at its thickest point.

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Both new models include the latest DIGIC 4 processing, which complements the exceptional design with high quality images that feature excellent colour, resolution and low noise. Like all IXUS models, both cameras are also incredibly easy to operate, making it simple for users to capture excellent pictures.

Wide-angle genuine Canon lens technology
Designed and manufactured to premium standards, both new models feature genuine Canon 28mm wide-angle 4x zoom lenses – perfect for group photos and landscapes at the widest setting, and great for portraits or shooting distant subjects using the zoom. Canon’s renowned optical Image Stabilizer system also counters camera shake, helping to prevent image blur, particularly when shooting at full zoom or in low light conditions.

Smart Auto with Scene Detection Technology and i-Contrast – simply point and shoot
Smart Auto with Scene Detection Technology helps users take great photos by automatically detecting the shooting scene, giving users the freedom to simply concentrate on taking the picture. Detecting 22 different scenes for the IXUS 130 and 18 for the IXUS 105, Smart Auto is able to determine a wide range of shooting conditions – such as Portrait, Landscape or Macro – before applying the optimum settings required to capture the perfect shot.

i-Contrast analyses images to deliver perfect exposure, adding light and detail to dark sections of images while reducing blow out in brighter areas. Smart Flash Exposure intelligently adjusts the flash to suit both the subject and shooting conditions – in daylight, for example, Smart Flash Exposure will detect and eliminate face shadows caused by bright sunlight by engaging the flash.

Motion Detection Technology, featured in both models, combats blur by monitoring camera shake, brightness and subject movement, and automatically sets the shutter speed and ISO level to deliver blur-free results. Servo AF/AE technology, available with the IXUS 130, also tracks moving subjects, maintaining both focus and exposure right up until the moment the user takes the shot.

Face Detection Technology – capture everyone, all of the time
Face Detection Technology provides perfect people shots with the minimum of effort. Up to 35 faces can be identified at once, with the camera ensuring subjects are well exposed and in focus. Auto Red-Eye correction also detects and removes any red-eye immediately after a picture is taken.

FaceSelf-Timer makes large group shots and self portraits simple by using Face Detection Technology to activate the shutter. Instead of the user setting a timer and rushing into position, FaceSelf-Timer cleverly monitors the scene and waits for an additional face to appear before taking the photo two seconds later. Multiple shots can also be taken to ensure the desired shot is captured, allowing users to get the picture they want every time.

Both models offer the easy operation synonymous with the IXUS range. Users of the IXUS 130 will be able to tag their best images as favourites in playback, making pictures easy to locate in their collection. A bright, clear user interface featured on both models also makes menu navigation effortless, helping to deliver the best images in the simplest way possible.
IXUS 130 – slim, smooth and distinctly IXUS.

The IXUS 130 features a stunning exterior and is the latest evolution of the famous IXUS design. Beautiful curved edges are complemented by a range of stylish colours – silver, black, orange and pink Some colour variations of the IXUS 130 may not be available in all regions – allowing users to pick the camera to suit both their taste and personality.

A 14.1 Megapixel sensor offers incredible detail capture for large prints. HD video in 720p resolution provides the ability to shoot high quality movies, with integrated HDMI connectivity allowing users to share videos with friends and family via playback on HDMI-compatible devices, including HDTV displays.

Users are also offered a range of new and innovative shooting modes that make the IXUS 130 as fun to use as it is stylish. Fish-eye Effect replicates the effect achieved using a fish-eye lens, while Miniature Effect dramatically transforms the shooting scene into a miniature landscape, making subjects appear of model scale. A Low Light mode also removes the difficulty of shooting in dark conditions, making it perfect for capturing the natural ambience when shooting in low light.

Smart Shutter mode provides inventive ways to control the shutter using Face Detection Technology, enabling the user to trigger the shutter using a smile or a simple wink of an eye. Combined with FaceSelf-Timer, the IXUS 130 provides an easy way for users to get the picture they want – even if there’s nobody else around to take it.

Making it easier to browse through large numbers of images, a new Smart Shuffle playback mode selects and displays four suggested images based on the one currently being viewed. This allows users to see images captured in similar situations or with similar settings, providing a new way to review images stored.

A high resolution 6.9cm (2.7in) PureColor II G LCD features a new tempered glass layer, providing improved visibility during shooting and playback. ‘Hints & Tips’ messages displayed in the user interface also offer step-by-step guidance around the camera menu, making it even easier for users to find the features they want to access.

A new optional, ultra-slim and lightweight waterproof case (WP-DC37) is available for the IXUS 130, allowing users to protect their camera and shoot underwater to depths of up to 40m. The new slimline design is perfect for travelling, while a simplified button layout makes it quick and easy to access the camera’s features, whether at the beach or in the pool.

IXUS 105 – capture the fun, in style
The IXUS 105 boasts classic IXUS styling, combining a slim and chic body with a range of impressive functions for easy, everyday shooting. Available in silver, brown, pink and aqua Some colour variations of the IXUS 105 may not be available in all regions, the IXUS 105 offers a choice of classic and pastel colours to project a stylish and personal feel. A bright, 6.8cm (2.7”) PureColor LCD II screen is also great for framing and viewing shots.

12.1 Megapixels provide high resolution pictures bursting with colour and detail. Low Light mode also makes it easy for all users to take great photos in challenging, dimly-lit conditions. The IXUS 105 is also able to capture VGA movies at 30fps with sound, offering users the capacity to go beyond stills and record memories in video as well.

YouTube upload – get video online in minutes
The IXUS 130 and the IXUS 105 feature an integrated YouTube upload function in the supplied CameraWindow software application, providing the capacity to log-in and upload video directly from the camera to the Internet via a computer.

Never stop shooting with SDXC memory

Both new models are also compatible with new SDXC memory cards. Offering storage capacity of up to 2TB, SDXC memory allows users to shoot huge volumes of images without having to change cards. SDHC memory cards are also supported up to 32GB, providing instant compatibility with the vast number of memory cards already available.

CANON iMAGE GATEWAY – share your stories
Owners of the new IXUS 130 and IXUS 105 cameras are entitled to free membership of CANON iMAGE GATEWAY, an online facility for sharing photos and video. Users can take advantage of up to 2GB of personal storage capacity, creating enough room for hundreds of high-quality images. Mobile browsing is also supported, making it easy for friends and family to view photos on the move.

Key features:

IXUS 130:

* Ultra-slim metal IXUS with sleek design in four colour options
* 14.1 Megapixels
* Genuine Canon 28mm wide-angle 4.0x zoom lens with optical Image Stabilizer
* 6.9cm (2.7in) PureColor II G LCD with enhanced strength and visibility
* Easy to use with Smart Auto, Face Detection and on-screen Hints & Tips
* HD Movies (720p) and HDMI connection
* Smart Shutter with Smile, Wink Self-Timer and FaceSelf-Timer
* Smart Flash Exposure and i-Contrast for best results in all situations
* DIGIC 4 and Servo AF/AE for ultra-fast response and high image quality
* Creative photos with Low Light, Fish-eye and Miniature Effect

IXUS 105:

* 12.1 Megapixel IXUS with compact metal body in four colour options
* Genuine Canon 28mm wide-angle 4x zoom lens with optical Image Stabilizer
* 6.8cm (2.7in) PureColor LCD II
* Smart Auto with Smart Flash Exposure and Scene Detection Technology for great looking photos in all situations
* Face Detection, FaceSelf-Timer and Auto Red-Eye Correction
* Combats blur with ISO Auto, Motion Detection Technology and IS
* i-Contrast helps retain shadow and highlight detail
* DIGIC 4 processing for ultra-fast response and high image quality
* Range of shooting modes including Low Light
* Smooth, 30fps VGA movies with Long Play for greater recording times

The IXUS 105 is available from March 2010.

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