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Nikon Camera and Lens Update

I’ve been getting requests to give a quick summary of my understanding of upcoming Nikon products. One of the reasons Nikon has not been aggressive in some areas of the market is simply the economic climate. There really is very little point in releasing some products along with your competitors products when you’re not going to sell that many units.

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Better to announce it when things are spicing up, and you don’t have to compete with ‘exciting’ announcements from the competition like Canon, Panasonic and Olympus.

Nikon has a few really nice surprises on their  for the photographic community. This info has come from a very good source. To give you an idea of this sources reliability, here are a few bits of previously supplied info:

  • D200 update before ANYONE was even talking about it.
  • The D3 6 weeks before announcement.
  • The D60.
  • The 70-200mm VR II

Available November 2009:

AF-S 85mm f1.4 (edit: got this one mixed with the other 85mm DX lens).
AF-S 35mm f1.4 (edit: wasn’t announced this round)

Announced end of January 2010, available March 2010.

AF-S 85mm f3.5 DX macro (edit: again, this was released, not the 85 f1.4 FX)
AF-S 24mm f1.4
Interchangeable Lens Camera with a 50mm film equivalent lens
5 metre waterproof camera

This should really be an exciting time for Nikon and their users. And although things are never cast in stone, I’m very eager to see if this really does materialize. Till then of course, it’s just a rumor.

Happy shooting.

Edit 16 Oct 2009: Well, the 85mm f3.5 DID come out and I feel kinda chuffed… and vindicated.

But now everyone is complaining that they didn’t get what they want again. That will die down and everyone will start seeing the results from this new lens and be blown away by it.

Considering how many 90mm Tamron lenses are sold, this lens will be a cracker seller. It will be on so many peoples shopping lists. As soon as I have one in my hands I will post some pictures.


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