Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Nikon 18mm f1.4 lens… on what camera?

Nikon will be releasing a camera with an 18mm f1.4 lens with an angle of view of 50 degrees.

Yep, that’s the scoop. It’s not an FX lens, and it doesn’t appear to be DX. So what is it then?

The lens will be available on Nikon’s small compact camera. It could be a DX sensor, but the specs sound closer to the size of a micro 4/3rds sensor. In fact, the simply math of it means an 18mm lens with a 50 degree angle of view is approx a 55mm lens (35mm film equivalent). That’s a 3x crop factor.

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If that’s the case, Nikon could trounce both Panasonic and Olympus, since Nikon will truly have a small compact camera of much higher grade than the point and shoots currently on the market, and even smaller than the Olympus Pen or Panasonic variant.

The camera could be the interchangable lens camera that Nikon recently released a patent for or it could be for a fixed lens camera similar to the Leica X1.

I’m praying it’s for an interchangable lens camera. The fixed lens camera have proven not to be sellers. Examples would be the Ricoh GRII and the Sigma DP1, but as they say “past performance is no indicator of future predictions”. The Ricoh and Sigma are actually quite decent camera, but the Olympus PEN has shown what the market really wants.

I first wrote my thoughts about this back in 2007 here. In that article, I said I would like to see a small sensor and a new mount. Could it be finally happening?

Anyway, I expect that this will be announced before PMA 2010 which is in February.