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Nikon 85mm VR DX patent?

Wow, what a shock this would be. I’de love and would buy this is a heart beat.

This can be found in the link below. It was filed on the 4th December 2008 and published on the 28th July 2009.  The patent describes the design for a fixed focal length lens with VR. In the tests, the lenses focal length is referred to as 85mm. The patent article goes into quite deep discussion of a technical nature about how the lens is designed.

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If you download the PDF (login first), you cna see the diagrams. I won’t put them on here, I’ll let someone else do that if they wish.

Basically the info below will go into why I think  we might be seing an 85mm DX lens on the horizon.

Here’s a few quotes and tidbits of information from the patent.

The first is the reference to the focal length of the lens being examined here:

f = 85 mm, 2ω = 19.1°, FNO = 3.6, VR = 1.159

The second bit of interesting information is:

In the imaging lens of the present embodiment, the focal length, converted to 35 mm film size, is about 100 to 135 mm.”

These two bits of information tell the story. The test is is 85mm and if I’ve read that right, a  field of view of 19 degs. I can tell you that an 85mm FX lens has a FOV of 23.5 degrees.

An  85mm DX lens would infact be 127.5mm (35mm equiv), and in the range specified in the patent. By the way, that would correctly give it an angle of view of about 19 degrees. Basically, 85mm and FOV of 19 degrees relates to a DX lens.

Now, that’s not to say we won’t get an FX 85mm update. Of course we will. Just that this patent leads me to believe they have developed and tested an 85mm DX VR lens.

There’s nano coating:

“In the present embodiment, an anti-reflection film having high transmittance in a wide wavelength range may be formed on each lens surface so that flares and ghosts are decreased, and good optical performance with high contrast is implemented.”

And then:

“In the imaging lens according to the present embodiment, a single or a plurality of lens group(s) or a part of a lens group may be a focusing lens group which moves the lenses in the optical axis direction so as to perform focusing from an infinite object to a close distant object. This focusing lens group can be applied to auto focus, and is suitable for a motor drive (by an ultrasonic motor, for example) for auto focus.”

One last peice of information I find REALLY interesting…

The camera may be one which has a removable imaging lens, or one that is integrated with the imaging lens. The camera may be a single-lens reflex camera, or a compact camera which does not have a quick return mirror”.

The imagination boguls and I’m getting ahead of myself. But that reads to me like an interchangable lens camera with no mirror…. a la micro 4/3rds. God, let it be true, please. 🙂

For reference sake, here is a link to the article on theAF  85mm  f1.4 lens. You’ll notice it is completely different to the images on the patent.

So who is the designer? Haruo Sato. Haruo Sato has written plenty of articles on the Nikon website about the Nikkor lenses, history, the  inventors and the technologies used.  He knows his stuff, let’s put it that way. See the article links below, for his discussion on the Ai Nikkor 200mm f/2 and the 80-400 VR lenses.


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