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Nikon 2009/10 Roadmap or mudtrack?

The ‘leaked’ Nikon Roadmap that’s recently come out has been more about wish lists than it has about actually papers that have been copied and sneaked out of a Nikon Office.  If you haven’t read it, you can find the article on wired.com.

The Fake Chuck Westfall thinks Canon is ‘f@#$ed’ until 2014 if it’s true. That could very well be true if the roadmap is real.

The problem with the road-map is that Nikon, Canon, Sony etc, don’t plan to make a new 30 Mega-pixel camera 1 year out. It’s not like they say, our next camera will be 16 Megapixels in three years time. Things change and locking yourself into something like this so early on can have serious implications. It can potential put you far behind the competion, since the consumer market can be extremely fickle, especially the electronic market.

Companies work on the technology for the sensors such as the amplifiers, the dark noise currents, the processor and algorithms and a a whole bunch more. The final decision for how many pixels a chip will is done towards the end of the cycle.

In this time, they’ll develop a range of sensors and work out the best one given price and market considerations. There’s no way Nikon would have a 30MP camera/chip just sitting there waiting for some arbitrary time frame in the fourth quarter of 2010.

The thing about this roadmap is there’s really nothing there out of the ordinary. It’s a safe paper, in that it’s seems very plausible and in fact may even occur exactly as written.  And hence that’s kind of the issue here.

Nikon is not renowned for playing it safe. There has always been a surprise. Look at the D300, that’s a prime example right there. Here is a camera no one saw coming because Nikon only had the D200 out for 18 months. The camera had more megapixels, a professional Auto Focus system, better Dynamic range, a higher ISO, better battery life, a bigger screen with live view and the list goes on.

There was nothing safe about the D300. The D700 was simple Nikon listening to their users. There was a loud cry for a camera with an FX chip in a small body after the D3 was announced. And didn’t it move.

Even the D90 surprised everyone when it came out with video mode.

I’m hoping in a way that the above mentioned roadmap isn’t real. Because frankly, it’s boring. We’d have to wait 3 more years to see real innovation if is is real.

Where’s the non bayer sensor or the backside illuminated sensor? Where’s the new viewfinder with the extra projected viewing image (as seen in a US Patent)? How can a D700x with 24.5 MP’s do 5 frames per second and 6.5 frames per second with a grip. The brand new D3x only does 5 frames per second.  Period.

The map shows Nikon will release 7 lenses in one go. Nikon has NEVER EVER released 7 lenses at once. It would be nice, but just seems way to dreamy for me.

Anyway, I’m not about to tear this roadmap apart piece by piece. Suffice to say this is more of a mudtrack than a roadmap for me.

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