Monday, January 20, 2020
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Nikon SB-900 Flash

Greater Reach, More Control

The SB-900 offers a number of Speedlight refinements for swifter operation and greater creative control.

At 17-200mm, it boasts the widest zoom range built into any flash unit, allowing precise control of light for portraits, sports shots, even nature photography with lenses up to 400mm. And the SB-900 offers a choice of light output patterns: even, which spreads the light evenly to the four corners of the frame; standard, which emulates the pattern of the SB-800; and center-weighted, which concentrates the light on the center of the scene.

Greater ease of operation is provided by the location of the on, off, remote and master select switch on the back of the unit. One switch turns the unit on and chooses its role—remote or commander—in wireless remote flash photography.

All Nikon SB Speedlights come with color correction filters; when you fit one in place on the SB-900, the flash instantly communicates to selected Nikon D-SLRs which filter is in use, and the camera automatically sets white balance accordingly.

Add a larger LCD for more convenient viewing and control of all the unit’s settings and you’ve got a Speedlight that takes flash photography to the next level of convenience, control and versatility. You can find it here.

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